While the cats away …

… the mice do NOTHING around here.

I’m sure if you’ve followed this blog of mine for very long you’ve come to expect these random periods of nothingness. I wish I as one of those people who had their post lined up weeks in advance and could just sit back and watch them publish {oh wait, they’re probably not sitting back … they’re working on more posts} as life carried on around me. BUT … I’m not.

Here’s a bit of what’s been distracting me::



I bought the 28 to Great Program DVD set through a Living Social deal … on a whim, late at night, at the peak of resolution making. I told my Sweets if I did not workout at least 3x a week between now and Valentine’s Day, it could be my gift. Well, lucky for me, a fabulous someone in my life, also bought the deal and we received our DVD’s on the same day. We decided we’d do the #28togreat challenge and hold each other accountable. I had two goals in buying this DVD set: Get back to working out and taking care of my body physically & Strengthening and toning my core/back/legs for better running.

Today was Day 14, I’m half way! I think the habit is forming and I’m feeling stronger when I run, so win, win and (I’m pretty confident this will NOT be my Valentine present) win!

The downside? It takes anywhere from 30 – 70 minutes SIX days a week. That’s a lot of blogging time people.



I was also prepping and sewing and listing and (will be today) shipping for my latest Instagram Pop-Up Shop/Instasale {@knittybittiesshop} which went so well this past Sunday. I am blown away by such great response to the things I make and it truly makes my heart happy and keeps me doing what I’m doing.

The downside? It’s hard to blog when you’re cutting, stitching, trimming, flipping and button-sewing.

Secret Projects

I’ve a few blog collaborations/blog worthy events I’m currently working on and can’t wait to share.

The downside? You have to sit tight a few more days (or even a week or so), okay?

Thanks for sticking with me even when things get a little bit quiet around here.



  1. It’s wonderful that you are devoting time to exercise. Good for you! It does take time but it is important for your health and well being. Good going on your Insta-Sale too. I enjoy following your blog posts no matter how often you post.

    • It is so important … I just got a bit off track the last few months when I wasn’t able to run (I was having a pity party). It feels so good to get back to it … good for body + mind!! Thanks for your sweet comment and encouragement! XOXO

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