Choose Joy!

I know things have been QUIET around here this year. I’m not sure what to blame it on other than simply life.

Things are good, things are great.

February was full of parties (big & small) and celebrations and lots of love.
It was also full of sample sewing.

Before I could take a breath and welcome in March, I found myself helping my Sweets lay almost 500 sq ft of hardwood flooring in our living room. It looks so lovely and was worth all the work, but it was a lot of work.

So here we are, already 6 days into March, but I’m hopeful that I can return to my blog and all you sweet readers.

One thing I’ve been wanting to share here is that I will have the great honor of speaking at the Choose Joy event this May.


For the past couple years, my prayers have turned from what I want to what God can do through my situation. It’s my desire that my situation would be to His glory. So how could I pass on the opportunity to share what great things He has done in me through my infertility? As much as it scares me and pushes me and it completely outside my comfort zone, I feel 100% at peace that this is where I should be May 3rd.

Here’s a the snippet about my break away session:

Learning to Let God Write His Story on my Heart
… and learning patience and perspective along the way.  Join Andrea as she shares about learning to let go of her plan and fully desire His plan for her life; Coming to peace with the waiting and learning the joy of God writing His story on her heart; and how perspective has kept her from going down a road that would lead her away from Him.


So … you could be praying for me in the coming months as I try to gather all of my thoughts, all I’ve learned and all I want to share from the last 9+ years and bottle it up into a 30 minute session. (Those of you that know me are laughing right now … I may be nervous in front of a group, but once I get going it’s hard to shut me up … and stop me from over-sharing. Attendees be warned).

If you’d like to know more about the event, please take a minute to go to the website and review all the amazing stories that will greatly bless those attending.
There are less than 50 tickets less.
{Use code FRIENDS15 to save $15 off the ticket price.}

With that, I’m off to spend a little time loving on my house and getting ready for a weekend away in the mountains with some of my favorite girls doing three of my favorite things … eating, crafting and talking!! It’s a weekend I look forward to every year. I hope yours is just as blessed!


  1. How cool! You will certainly be a blessing to others…AND you get to go to California. Sweet!

  2. Nicole says:

    Congratulations! What an honor to be asked to speak – and such a testament to the power your story will have to positively impact others! If you want some great pre-talk strategies to boost your confidence, you should watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on body language and “power posing.” It’s easy to do, and will boost the chemicals in your body associated with confidence (while decreasing those associated with stress). I am a believer and power pose before any big talk now =)

  3. I will definitely keep you in prayer. After all of the miscarriages, I feel like i have so much to share. I absolutely wanted to come and support the conference, but May 3rd is Julia’s birthday. You are absolutely loved and covered in prayer. Thank you for sharing your story.


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