An {April} Shower // For my Seester

Oh hello June. hello summer break. hello new little baby nephew.

Things have been wonder-FULL around here and I just can’t seem to sit down in front of the computer to blog all the things I have to blog. I love your patience and that you stick around and keep checking on me like a good friend. So, SURPRISE!! I’ve got a post for you today.

Disclosure: I am discovering that I can not throw a party and document a party {at least photographically speaking} so I apologize for the lack of/quality of pictures, but I’m hoping you’ll get a taste of this very fun shower and it’ll spark ideas for other showers.

My one-and-only sibling was due with her first little one the middle of June.
As I started to look at possible shower dates and I was looking at the end of April, the old saying “April Showers …” came to mind.
Little did I know what a popular shower theme this was … Pinterest was a wealth of inspiration.

I recruited my favorite party planning gals {minus our guest-of-honor} and we ran with it.


Theme //
April Showers, incorporating the nursery colors of gray, gold & green.


Invitation //
The invitation was ‘heavily inspired’ by this design by The Oysters Pearl on Etsy. I re-created it in Adobe Illustrator, printed, cut and rounded the corners. For a little pop, we added a touch of gold/clear glitter glue to each invitation. You could do the same by ordering the custom PDF and then embellishing for that extra something-something.

Decor //



Paper clouds/raindrops, rain boots & succulents greeted guests as they arrived.


Felt clouds/raindrops hanging from the arch way that separated the seating area from the food/drinks.


The mantle was the main focus with a cluster of tissue paper flowers creating clouds and mutli-colored raindrops.
Raindrops and cloud ‘name’ banner were cut using the Silhouette.
Various ‘rain’ prints.

A vase hidden in rubber boots blooming with fresh flowers.

Knowing my sister would not really enjoy many traditional baby shower games, but knowing we needed a little ice breaker/time filler, we came up with a few ‘activities for guests.

As guests arrived they grabbed a pen and a little bundle of papers clipped together with a mini gold clothespin.
Each bundle held a paper to guess how many lemon heads were in the mason jar, an envelope for them to address for a thank you card and a blank cloud for them to write a ‘sweet sentiment’ and then clip it to the frame for the mama-to-be.



I also created a literature trivia game inspired by my sister’s profession as an English teacher. The questions came from some online quizzing site, which thankfully also included answers … these were tough!!


Food & Beverage //
The food table was inspired by this shower.

I loved the idea of real grass and while it didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned, it was still a hit. A bit more rustic than the inspiration, but we were celebrating a baby boy, so it works, right?


We kept the menu pretty simple as the shower fell between breakfast & lunch.



Savory Cheese & Bacon Muffins
Make-your-own Yogurt Parfait
Baby Maple Bars
Thai Lime & Chili Cashews


Rosemary & Honey Lemonade
Sparkling Water


Favors //
Each guest was sent home with the guest-of-honor’s favorite cookie.

{Me, My Seester, Our Mom}

It was a thrill to throw this shower for my little sister and it has been such a joy watching her turn into a mama!
Happy “One Week” birthday to my sweet Emerson!


  1. This shower looks amazing! I’m so honored that you shared my rosemary and honey lemonade. Congratulations to your sister!

  2. Love what you did with the boots and the clouds are adorable. Lots of work but you enjoyed doing it.

  3. Thank you for such an incredible shower- Emerson and I felt so very loved. It’s probably why he already asks for his Auntie by name 😉 Every detail was so perfect and so very thoughtful.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this theme! you did such a great job! :) I love throwing showers, this looks like a fun one!

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