Friday Favorites // More happy …

Well, that last post went over like a lead balloon didn’t it … ba-dum-dump.

Apparently ya’ll aren’t excited about Whole30. So … let’s move onto some more happy with another Friday Favorites {yea! a second post … I can almost call it a series}.

Get ready, there’s a bit of a “joy” theme.

First, a few shares from The Queen Bee Market.
While speaking at the Choose Joy Event, I had the lucky timing of shopping the market.
I was most looking forward to hugging Mique & Jessica.

Of course I couldn’t resist a little happy coming home with me.
This kitchen towel. I always tell my boys everything I make tastes better because of the love I add! Now I have proof. It’s almost too cute to use.

{Hand Lettered Tea Towel by Joy Kelley}

The sweet girls of Salty Bison gifted me the most perfect sign.


I mean seriously, a bike.with.a.basket.

These girls are going to be at The Farm Chicks show this weekend. I’m not talking about because this though as it is the first time in 4 years I won’t be attending … whaaaaaa … but YOU should … and then you should eat a salted caramel cupcake {or two} for me at Sweet Frostings. Go visit them and their cute selves and even cuter signs.

Speaking of bikes, my Seester bought me,
Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider,
for my birthday and I can’t wait to dive into it this summer.


Also, it’s a really, really, really good price right now in Kindle format {click photo for link}. Just sayin’.

She also gifted me,
The Art of Celebration by Rend Collective.


It really is making a joyful noise to the Lord.
Quite possibly my favorite worship album in the last 10 years.


Have a listen and let the words fill your heart:


So good, right?


Also good, spending time in the word.
Right as I got home from Choose Joy, She Reads Truth started a new study in Nehemiah. The timing didn’t work for me to follow along, but I knew I wanted to come back and visit this book and really spend time in it learning where the verse Nehemiah 8:10, “… the joy of the Lord is my strength” {which I have clung to in this season of infertility} originated from. It seems silly that I never did this before, but it’s never too late and it doesn’t matter how many times you study the same thing, God can use it each and every time.

I don’t have any nice segway for this last favorite … except that it’s one of my sanity savers on Whole30.


Coconut La Croix.
I hear it’s hard to find some places {eh, hem, Califonia}. I’m sorry. You might to hold off on doing Whole30 until you find it. Then again, none of you reading are apparently interested in that nonsense … in which case this may not hold a place in your life, like it does mine right now. I mean seriously, I don’t know what they add to make it so delicious … it’s calorie-free, artificial sweetners-free AND sodium-free. It is coconut magic that tickles your tongue {and your fancy}!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Melody says:

    Well, I liked your post :) You inspired me to begin Whole 30 and it’s going well. I will look for the coconut water as a treat though. Farm Chicks (is there only one?) is this weekend in my area and as today is my birthday I might go for you! Love all your posts-keep em coming!

  2. I just love the saying on that tea towel!

  3. Well I’M excited to hear about your Whole 30 challenge. AND to see what you work on with your time when you’re sewing instead of snacking like you said! Whole 30 is something I’ve contemplated, but have a really hard time figuring out how I can incorporate it into a work and social life that always seem to involve sweets (I work at a University) or drinking!

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