A Fox in My Pocket // DIY

Just like a fox, this tutorial is quick and clever and would make a lovely gift for a handmade holiday!




Supplies Needed:

Step 1:
Pre-shrink the felt. DO NOT skip this step. Felt shrinks when washed & dried. You want to do this BEFORE you stitch it to the sweatshirt. Read Benzie’s “How to” post.


Step 2:
Depending on the size of your sweatshirt pocket opening, size your fox template / design file to fit the opening. I printed a couple different sizes and rough cut them and placed them on the sweatshirt to get the right proportions. Then cut the final design so that you have the foxes upper body and the tail (as you can see, I angled the design to match the angle of the pocket). If you’re using a paper template, print the template onto freezer paper {Google freezer paper template for help}. If you’re using a Silhouette design, cut the design out from your freezer paper. Iron freezer paper template (shiny side down) onto prepared felt.


Step 3:
On the opposite side of the felt, iron on Wonder Under following manufacture’s instructions. The freezer paper provides a template for cutting and the Wonder Under provides stability for cutting and adhesive for attaching the design to the sweatshirt.


Step 4:
Cut out designs out of felt and remove and discard the freezer paper. Starting with the base body / tail, remove the Wonder Under paper backing and iron the felt to the sweatshirt, tucking a SMALL amount under each pocket opening. Using your preferred stitch (with coordinating thread) sew around the edges of the felt to permanently attach it to the sweatshirt. I used a ‘blanket stitch’ for the red layer (see below).


Step 5:
Continue building your layers in the same way as Step 4. For the gray and white layers, I used a straight stitch.



I went around the small white accent pieces twice. The paws are a bit cumbersome to stitch on with the sewing machine. Alternatives would be eliminating the paws OR stitching them on using embroidery floss.


Step 6:
Finish by embroidering eyes and nose.


And that’s it!! Seriously … a QUICK sew that adds a big punch of fun to a basic sweatshirt.
Just think of the possibilities!!


Felt provided for tutorial courtesy of: Benzie Design

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  1. Oh my lanta. I cannot even handle the cuteness or the sweet and sassy little one the sweatshirt was made for. Too cute!

  2. Fun!! She loves her fox jacket!

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