Goodbye 2014 / Hello 2015!

I wanted to pop-in one last time before we close this year out and get a FRESH start on the new year!!

My recent weeks have been wonderFULL of time with family and friends. What a joy to have my Mom home for two full weeks, splitting her time between my house and my sister’s house. I’ve also been soaking up the time having both my Sweets + Little home with me. Add to that a brand new great-nephew and this holiday season has been filled my heart with so many sweet memories.

Of course, don’t think that there weren’t moments of stress, emotion and exhaustion that set in too … thankfully though none of them ruined or dictated any of our memories.

So, from our house to yours, I want to say …

XMAS-CARD-2014-blog {Photo Credit: Jamie Hudson Photography}

Don’t expect a rush of posts around here though, we don’t have to go back to reality {i.e. school & schedules} for another 7 full days!

{Come back Friday though when I share a little ‘truth’ behind those online ‘lies.’}


  1. Megan says:

    Such a great photo of you! Happy New Year!

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