2014 Instagram {in review}

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has been re-evaluating their online presence and adding a little more breathing room into life.
I have no doubt that stepping back from the online world is the #1 reason I have read five, yes F-I-V-E, books since Christmas {more on that in a post next week}. That might be average for some, but that is HUGE for me … probably a record since becoming a mama 10 years ago and feeling like I lost some of those brain cells that allow you to concentrate on anything for more than 8.2 minutes.

But … I also miss documenting bits of life around here. So I’m, like always, trying to find the balance.

Here’s a re-cap of my TOP 10 Instagram photos of 2014::


The chalk board my Sweets made me and my inspired chalk art.


A lovely evening of cocoa, whip cream + twinkle lights. My favorite part of fall & winter? The cozy evenings!


Apple Biscuits


Star Wars Valentine’s


Celebrating 17 years of marriage!


The {before paint} console table my Sweets made me for Valentine’s day. Inspired by a Cost Plus piece. Which reminds me, I need to photo the finished piece, I love it!!


Me & Em
One of the best parts of 2014 … my sister becoming a mama + me getting a brand new nephew!


A new outlet. I can not believe how many likes this got, lol. My husband’s projects/handiwork are quite popular on my feed.


Just one of the many lovely views of my sewing room table.


My 2014 Mug Swap package I sent.

What fun to look back through a year of photos and what a surprise to see what made the TOP 10! Thanks for taking a look back on the year .. .now let’s get on with 2015!!


  1. Breathing room is super important, even when it’s just the virtual kind. And I LOVE those star wars valentines!

  2. Jessica says:

    What not our vacation?!

    • Right!! I would rank that in Top 10, but obviously others were so jealous of our amazing time they could not ‘like’ it as much as they should have! 😀

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