February {2015} Reads

How is it March??
I’d like to blame the shorter number of days, but really, February was full of real life for me. Celebrations. Trials. Sickness. Sewing. I was more than half was through the month with only one book finished.  But the upside of almost 2 weeks of being sick? Lots of time to read. Which is what I did!

So, what did I read this month?


One Plus One (7/1/14)by Jojo Moyes

One Plus One: A Novel
Jojo Moyes

This was my first read by Jojo Moyes and maybe I should have started with the MUCH ACCLAIMED Me Before You. I liked this book, the character development was good and the story line was interesting to me, but I didn’t love it. I mostly really liked it. I guess that means I have to read Me Before You before I can really have an opinion on Moyes’ writing. Some language and mildly graphic scenes.

3.5 out of 5

The Storied Life Feb15 Book

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry: A Novel
Gabrielle Zevin

This was such a fun, quick and quirky read. A clever plot with a good bit of literary references as the main character is a book store owner.

4 out of 5

Eleanor and Park Feb15 Book

Eleanor and Park
Rainbow Rowell

Gosh this one was hard for me to get through. I started it at least 3 different times but was determined to finish it given all of the applause it gets around the web. I did finally end up really liking both Eleanor and Park, but just about the time I was getting to know them, the book ended. And I mean ENDED (that is not a spoiler). Such sadness in this book that you can’t help but want to cheer for these two, but I didn’t come away cheering for the book. A lot of  serious language to sift through.

I’ve heard great things about some of Rowell’s other books including Attachments. Do you have a favorite by her?

3.25 out of 5

In January, I shared how I’m carving out more time in my day(s) for reading and for this month’s review, I thought I’d share how I’m reading a lot of books but spending very little. All the books I’ve read this year have either been bought via the Kindle edition or borrowed {from my library or friends}. I try not to spend more than $5 on the Kindle version of a book. If I can’t get it for that deal, I borrow it from the library.

How I watch for Kindle deals on my “want to read” books:

1. I created an Amazon wish list titled “Library List.” That is where I add any books I am interested in reading, but I make sure I add the Kindle version to my wish list. Then once a day (usually) I pull up my list and sort it by price checking to see if any of my books has gone on sale.
2. At the same time I pull up my Amazon “Library List” I also pull up Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s “Great Kindle Deals” page. This is where I discover some great new-to-me books at great prices and/or find out something on my list is on sale.

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  1. I really liked “Eleanor and Park” and I’ve been meaning to read some Jojo Moyes!

  2. Kristy says:

    I love that you do these posts. I have been reading quite a few of your suggestions. So thanks. I am in the middle of “Eleanor and Park” and it is going VERY slowly for me. I sure hope it picks up soon.

    • I felt like it was SLOW too. I kept thinking, what am I not getting because people said they devoured this book. I don’t regret reading it, it just didn’t click for me!

  3. Ooo, Modern Mrs. Darcy’s book list. Also, Bookbub has been great for me in finding inexpensive or free books for download.

  4. Monique Belmer says:

    Bookbub is the way to go although your wish list for just kindle is great!

    • I haven’t had great luck with Bookbub mostly because it’s a little overwhelming to me to dig through all the books offered to get the good ones, you know? I like adding to my list when I see books recommended by trusted sources and with over 100+ on my list I think I’ll be busy ready for a few years, LOL!! I love that there are so many options though especially those people that are veracious readers!!

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