Selfish Sewing Week {Spring 2015}

Hello #selfishsewingweek!!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I thought I’d give you a little introduction to this week of creative fun and inspiration in the sewing world.
Sadly, this is my FIRST time participating in Selfish Sewing Week. I’ve known about it, thought about and even planned on it, but it the spools & bobbins never lined up … until NOW!


Here’s how Indie Sew {co-host} describes SSW::

Over the last year, we’ve learned that the cocktail of a person’s sewing preferences varies widely. Maybe you only sew women’s garments. Or maybe you dabble in a bit of garment sewing and also quilting, enjoying the change of pace from project to project. What we do know is that often you get roped into doing a lot of sewing that isn’t always for you.
The point is you’re busy, juggling responsibilities like a pro. You are doing it and doing it damn well. So we think you deserve an entire week to sew whatever the heck you want, just for yourself. It’s called Selfish Sewing Week and this year we’re co-hosts of this fun event with Imagine Gnats and Kollabora!
{Full post here.}
Isn’t that true? We kind of need permission to just for a week be selfish in our sewing.
Well, I kind of had to be a little selfish a few weeks earlier to get my projects done so that I could get them photographed to share/blog about this week {and next}.
Seriously, I had so much fun.
You can get inspired and see what people are creating by popping over to::
If you are planning to join in the fun and you use a pattern that Indie Sew carries (even if you didn’t buy it from them … although gold star if you did!) you can upload a creation and be entered to win one of several fabulous prize packs. Wait scratch that, I’m entering and I really want to win … so you should just sit back and cheer for me, okay? 😛
Later this week I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite patterns and inspiration for future creations.
Tell me, are you joining in?
What pattern are you sewing?
If you can’t join in, what pattern would you sew if you had the time?

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