Selfish Sewing Week {Spring 2015}

Hello #selfishsewingweek!! In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I thought I'd give you a little introduction to this week of creative fun and inspiration in the sewing world. Sadly, this is my FIRST time participating in Selfish Sewing Week. I've known about it, thought about and even planned on it, but it the spools & bobbins never lined up ... until NOW! Here's how Indie Sew {co-host} describes SSW:: Over the last year, we've learned that the cocktail of a person’s sewing preferences varies widely. Maybe you only sew women’s garments. Or maybe you dabble in a bit of garment sewing and also quilting, enjoying the change of pace from project to project. What we do ... Keep Reading

2014 Tutorials {in review}

Well you know you've been away from your blog for a while when even you, the author and creator, feel awkward coming back around ... Hmmm. Let's skip over the how, what, why of that big {gulp} gap in time and spend a little time reminiscing about 2014 {I can still do that in January, right? So I've got a couple of days to bust out some 'in review' posts}. How about a review of the tutorials I created & shared in 2014:: "Wonky Wedge" Table Runner {featuring AccuQuilt's 9" wedge die} A Polka Dot Pouch {originally featured on The Polkadot Chair} "Ann Kelle" Baby Booties {free PDF pattern available here} "Popsicle Glee" Table Runner Tutorial Simple Quilted Blanket A ... Keep Reading

Friday Favorites // Christmas Tutorials

Just popping in to share five of my favorite "Christmas" inspired posts from years past. Photo Credit: Joy's Hope "Mistle Toes" FREE Printable Santa + Reindeer Book Page Garland DIY "Spread Cheer" Holiday Frame Tutorial Zig-Zag Table Runner Tutorial Photo Credit: Ann Kelle Christmas Cheer Tree Skirt Tutorial Maybe one or two will inspire you this year! ... Keep Reading

WIWW // A Capsule Wardrobe

Maybe I should have titled this ... WIDWW {What I Didn't Wear Wednesday} At the beginning of September, inspired by this girl, I challenged myself {I love self-imposed challenges ... Whole 30 anyone?} to NOT spend any $$ on new clothes until Black Friday. Shannon's {FPFG} challenge was to only purchase clothing from thrift stores for 6 months ... and while I liked the idea, I knew it wouldn't be very practical for me as I don't really have the time to invest in 'the hunt' at thrift stores. So I compromised with no clothes at all for 3 months. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard and in fact saved $$ in other spending as I simply avoided leisurely browsing most stores and quickly recycled or ... Keep Reading

Cascade Blog Hop + Giveaway

If a girl can't travel to quilt market, the next best thing is being able to sew up some samples to hang out at market for her, right? Well that's what I tell myself as I send off these pieces, jealous of the adventure they get to go on without me. Jessica Levitt, talent behind the blog, Juicy Bits, is debuting her newest fabric line for Windham Fabrics at Quilt Market. In Jessica's words, "Cascade is inspired by the many colors and forms of water all around us.  It’s a graphic snapshot of just a few of things that water does.  It drips down a window pane or cascades down a waterfall.  It glistens as morning dew or floats flowers and leaves on it’s surface.  It splashes in a puddle or ... Keep Reading