2014 Instagram {in review}

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has been re-evaluating their online presence and adding a little more breathing room into life. I have no doubt that stepping back from the online world is the #1 reason I have read five, yes F-I-V-E, books since Christmas {more on that in a post next week}. That might be average for some, but that is HUGE for me ... probably a record since becoming a mama 10 years ago and feeling like I lost some of those brain cells that allow you to concentrate on anything for more than 8.2 minutes. But ... I also miss documenting bits of life around here. So I'm, like always, trying to find the balance. Here's a re-cap of my TOP 10 Instagram photos of ... Keep Reading

Insta-Friday {February in Review}

Well despite my lack of posting here in February, a lot of life was going on ... here's a little peek via Instagram. Top 10 February Insta-Pics:: #10 My Little turned 10 / #etothe10 #9 Getting ready for my Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremonies party with a freezer paper cutsom shirt. I posted a mini Tutorial on my Facebook page, KnittyBitties.Etsy.com. #8 Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party Flag banner {free printable} #7 On a kick with freezer paper shirts ... this one a custom element shirt for the Little's science party. #6 Every year I try to make one of the gifts for my Little. This year it was a guitar strap. Such a fun {and easy!} project! I followed One ... Keep Reading

Insta-Friday {Best of 2013}

Hey, hey ... Let's take a look back at my "TOP" Insta-gram moments of 2013. Hold onto your seat folks, I'm sure this will be rivoting ... so much so, you'll probably wish I'd just done a 20 second Instagram video re-cap and called it good, right? Don't answer that. Humor me. January 2013 Winter + Washi February 2013 A seat full of happy + {Heart}Day Coffee Coats (COMING BACK SOON!!) March 2013 Cost Plus World Market "knock off" bookcase made by my Sweets + New assistant {aka my "brother from another mother" serger} April 2013 Lots of running in 2013 + Lots of bike riding May 2013 Run Happy + Portland Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon {My First 1/2!!} June 2013 Aqua ... Keep Reading


Well it's only been like 6 weeks since my last {Insta-Friday} post ... so this shouldn't take long {hahaha}. If I were you, I'd get comfy ... grab a cup of your favorite, snuggle up under a quilt and play catch up on life with me for a few minutes. Not a bad way to start your Friday, am I right? My life is currently one list after another ... I have small lists, big lists, lists for the week, for the day, for the next hour ... it's getting a little ridic-ulous.However, this will explain why I'm about to categorize this post ... the closest thing I've got to making a list post. Sewing/Crafting:: A new rotary cutter ... because it's aqua and was 40% off. Duh. I often buy ... Keep Reading


A good portion of my Instagram feed has recently been filled with my Sewing Summit adventures or my Mug Rug Insta-sales {see my Mug Rugs {for Days} post for more details & a GIVEAWAY} ... but in between all of that, there was some other life happening. Like ... A delicious salad & two patient friends who waited on my as I SLOWLY ate my dinner due to my distraction with my mug rug Insta-sale. Note to self:: Do not plan an Insta-sale in the middle of a girls night. Good thing I'm related to both of them. I think they've forgiven me ... I'm sure they would forget all about it if they got a new mug rug. A little treat for me {Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup} ... Keep Reading