The surprise of all surprises + the gift of all gifts

I don't even know how to begin to put it all into words. I don't even know that I fully understand the full breath of what I am feeling ... Have you ever waited on something for years and years and years? Wanted and hoped and dreamed and at then mourned and grieved what you thought would never be? Only to get that very thing that your heart and soul had longed for and given up on? It's a crazy amazing. That's what I keep saying about the complete surprise of coming home from a wonderful spring break to find out that after almost 11 years {123 months to be exact} I was pregnant. {Pause, Deep Breath} If you don't know my story with secondary infertility, you can read more about it in ... Keep Reading

Insta-Friday {February in Review}

Well despite my lack of posting here in February, a lot of life was going on ... here's a little peek via Instagram. Top 10 February Insta-Pics:: #10 My Little turned 10 / #etothe10 #9 Getting ready for my Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremonies party with a freezer paper cutsom shirt. I posted a mini Tutorial on my Facebook page, #8 Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party Flag banner {free printable} #7 On a kick with freezer paper shirts ... this one a custom element shirt for the Little's science party. #6 Every year I try to make one of the gifts for my Little. This year it was a guitar strap. Such a fun {and easy!} project! I followed One ... Keep Reading

Choose Joy!

I know things have been QUIET around here this year. I'm not sure what to blame it on other than simply life. Things are good, things are great. February was full of parties (big & small) and celebrations and lots of love. It was also full of sample sewing. Before I could take a breath and welcome in March, I found myself helping my Sweets lay almost 500 sq ft of hardwood flooring in our living room. It looks so lovely and was worth all the work, but it was a lot of work. So here we are, already 6 days into March, but I'm hopeful that I can return to my blog and all you sweet readers. One thing I've been wanting to share here is that I will have the great honor of speaking at the ... Keep Reading

While the cats away …

... the mice do NOTHING around here. I'm sure if you've followed this blog of mine for very long you've come to expect these random periods of nothingness. I wish I as one of those people who had their post lined up weeks in advance and could just sit back and watch them publish {oh wait, they're probably not sitting back ... they're working on more posts} as life carried on around me. BUT ... I'm not. Here's a bit of what's been distracting me:: Barre3 I bought the 28 to Great Program DVD set through a Living Social deal ... on a whim, late at night, at the peak of resolution making. I told my Sweets if I did not workout at least 3x a week between now and Valentine's Day, it could ... Keep Reading

Three degrees of seperation?

So ... you may have heard of six degrees of separation or better yet, six degrees of Kevin Bacon. No? Read all about it ... I aim to educate. Well, today while driving my brain had a quick 'three degrees of separation' that went something like this:: This week I REALLY heard this song. Sure I'd listened to it before, I've probably even sang along ... but this week those words hit my heart and I can't shake it. Love Take Me Over by Steven Curtis Chapman I hear the clock beep, pull me out of my sleep Tell me there's a day ahead of me Trying to wake up, sipping on a hot cup With the little lady in green And I'm praying 'bout the man I wanna be Saying, God, please take all of ... Keep Reading