Spread some happy …

I just wanted to share/remind people of a few ways to spread a little happy this week:: The Happy  Day Project // Life ReArranged I've loved taking part in this the last couple of years and it conveniently works out with my Little's track break from school. I often get caught up in giving thanks that I forget to serve others as a way of showing I'm thankful for all I have and hopefully giving someone else something to be thankful for as well. Now, I am much more likely to 'follow the rules' ... so this years 'go with the flow' is making me sweat a bit! I don't know how many acts we'll get done this week, but we do hope to sprinkle some happy over the next two weeks by ... randomly ... Keep Reading

Cultivating a Thankful Heart {Knitty Bitties + The Lovely Words Giveaway}

Several years ago when my Little was getting to the age of real understanding of wants versus needs, I decided that I wanted to really start practicing ways to cultivate his heart to be a thankful heart. Now, practically speaking, this is not a one time a year "thing" nor is it as simple as doing A, B & C. To really cultivate his heart, I need to be ... tilling, planting, watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning ... some of those things need to happen daily and some only a few times a year. I'm just giving you a few ideas of what we have done around Thanksgiving to really focus our hearts on thankfulness before we jump into the Christmas preparations. Maybe one of these will inspire or ... Keep Reading

A Weekend Getaway

Two weeks ago, in the midst of sewing samples for Quilt Market, I snuck away to the mountains with my family for a little time away from distractions and time with each other. I've been extremely blessed to have lived with or near my parents and Seester my whole life. The furthest we've had to commute is 45 minutes {which was quite the adjustment when I was used to 5 minutes!}. Well, this past September my Mom went and got herself retired. My Dad had already been retired for several years, so he wasted no time planning their first big adventure ... becoming Arizona snowbirds and leaving moments after her retirement was final. While I am SO very excited for them and this next season of ... Keep Reading


Let's kick off these new digs with a little catch up ... Instagram style! Wait! You did notice the new digs right? The subtle changes ... the new DOT COM?!? Ahhh, yes, it's all coming together. There's still a little fluffing and sprucing to-do, so I'll save the official welcome for next week. For now, let's see what I've been up to on Instagram the few weeks:: Starting at the end of August and carrying us all the way through September ... we celebrate many people on my Sweets' side of the family. We call it our pre-Christmas preparation.   We started with my great-niece {Little Miss}, the one who calls me Auntie. We kinda like each other! She went and turned TWO on us!! It was ... Keep Reading


I can not believe that we are almost 3 weeks into the school year and that August is quickly coming to a close. This week went entirely too fast. Good thing I snapped some photos to remember by because it shaped up to be a very good one! 2nd Annual Favorite Things Party Back-to-School Style #b2schoolfavparty I can not wait to blog about this next week ... in fact, I have 3 posts dedicated to this party ... it was that fun! One of my favorite things is co-hosting with these girls. We've dubbed ourselves #thevipfour ever since our Farm Chicks road trip in June. As you can see we know how to have a good time together! Sunday was a much needed day of rest.  I love a good party, but ... Keep Reading