February {2015} Reads

How is it March?? I'd like to blame the shorter number of days, but really, February was full of real life for me. Celebrations. Trials. Sickness. Sewing. I was more than half was through the month with only one book finished.  But the upside of almost 2 weeks of being sick? Lots of time to read. Which is what I did! So, what did I read this month? One Plus One: A Novel Jojo Moyes This was my first read by Jojo Moyes and maybe I should have started with the MUCH ACCLAIMED Me Before You. I liked this book, the character development was good and the story line was interesting to me, but I didn't love it. I mostly really liked it. I guess that means I have to read Me Before You before ... Keep Reading

January {2015} Reads

January came and went and somehow, I managed to read FOUR books!! Now, some of you may laugh at that number, but it is huge for me. I haven't read like that since before I became a mama ... so, uhm, more than a decade ago! I've shared a book challenge {and the bookmark I created to pair with it} that is encouraging me to read more as well as sharing how I'm carving out more time in my day(s) for reading. So, what did I read this month? Bright Side Kim Holden I don't even know how to put this book into words. I absolutely fell in love with the characters, I wanted to be their friend and hang out with them, they were so endearing. It made me want to be a better person. To be kind ... Keep Reading

26 Books Challenge // Reading in 2015

Confession: I love to read Truer confession: All too often I don't make time for 'real' reading. Sure I read all day long ... blog posts, internet articles, Facebook updates, but not.real.reading. Another confession: I love a challenge. The challenge does not need to involve anyone else, I just love to challenge myself. Is anyone else out there like this?! So, how perfect is the 26 Books Challenge that Erin of Bringing Up Burns came up with for 2015?! A list of twenty-six prompts, challenging you to read books YOU want to read. No one else is picking for you, hurrah! I hate being told what to do. I decided to make up a little bookmark version of the list for my 'secret' reading ... Keep Reading

Summer Reading

As I tried to fully embrace summer break with my Little, I logged many miles running, walking and bike riding, I logged many hours sitting in the sunshine at parks & pools, and I logged many hours READING for the pure fun of reading! From the time I discovered The Babysitters Club one Saturday way {way, way, way} back when and spent the entire day snuggled up in a 'reading nest' crafted in my extra deep closet ... I have loved to spend the day lost in a book. However, the older I get and the more responsibilities {+ other interests} I acquire, the less time I have to read. So it felt so very good to tackle a few good reads. Here was my summer reading:: The Book Thief - Markus ... Keep Reading

Friday Favorites // A little bit of all things happy right now …

I'd like to say that this will be a new weekly post ... BUT ... that would somehow imply that I kept an editorial calendar and posted regularly, eh-hem. So let's say I like the idea of this and hope to have it show up more than just this one time. Here goes ... a little bit of all things happy {of the tangible sort} going on right now in my life:: After FINALLY finishing The Book Thief  (also a brilliant book), I jumped right back into The Light Between Oceans and flew through it. Such a good book. Not the best timing (or was it) subject matter wise as I headed down to Choose Joy, but just another story to keep all thing in perspective. It's a heartbreaking and beautiful story of love ... Keep Reading