SSW {Con’td} / The {Mammoth} Linden Sweatshirt

Well I know that #selifishsewingweek is technically over, but ... rules are meant to be broken {okay, really I don't believe this, I'm a TOTAL rule follower in real life} + let's keep this party going! So today I'm featuring MY {Mammoth} Linden Sweatshirt. I say MINE because this is THE pattern to be stitching and EVERYONE has a #lindedsweatshirt. In fact, I bought fabric + the pattern many months ago {note to self - stop buying fabric & patterns when you don't have time to sew them!!}. The thing that made MY Linden happen in time for SSW was the fact that I was already sewing a sample Linden for RK. I originally planned {and bought} sweatshirt knit for my Linden, but when RK ... Keep Reading

Insta-Friday {Half-Marathon Training Style}

A week or so into my half-marathon training, I decided it would be fun to document my training runs via Instagram so that I could put together a book at the end of the journey.  Here's a look at most of them:: Whaaaa-laaaa ... 13.1 {or 13.23 according to my GPS} DONE! I'm so glad I did this and can't wait to get a book made (or make one myself). I've done one book through Shutterfly with Instagram photos but wasn't that happy. I'd love to hear any recommendations on other options. Previous running posts you might be interested in:: WIWW Half-Marahon Style  Hello Half-Marathon {announcing I'm running a half-marathon} My top 5 reasons for running EARLY in the summer WIWW ... Keep Reading

My First Half-Marathon {THE Post}

I honestly don't feel like I have that many words to describe my first half marathon experience ... the one word that comes to mind most often when thinking about it is ... AMAZING. It really was. I mean not amazing like giving birth to a child, but trust me, there are several parallels and similarities. A half-marathon doesn't hold the weight and meaning of a new life, but in my life, in my own race, it was a really big deal.  I already shared my training plan and how I arrived at the Portland Rock-N-Roll for my first half-marathon. Now here's a peek at the day before, the day of and a few words and thoughts in between.  Brooks was one of {or the main} corporate sponsor for the event ... Keep Reading

Wordless Wednesday

... Keep Reading

My First Half-Marathon {The Background Post}

Uhm, so yes ... it's only been almost TWO months since I ran my first half-marathon and I have yet to blog about it. With a whopping FIVE blog posts in June, you can see my priorities were elsewhere.I haven't however stopped thinking about it {it really was amazing} and really, really, really want to share it with you guys. So I'm making it a priority and getting it blogged.I've seen so many people jumping on C25K/New Runner programs recently {whoo-hoo!!} that I thought it would be fun to do a background post to tell you how I arrived at running my first half-marathon and hopefully encourage at least one of you! {First 5K race with my great friend, Bethany.} How I started running::Spring ... Keep Reading