Miscellany Monday {Running Style}

Alright! Let's give this blog a little kick in the pants! It's been awfully lazy lately hasn't it?Well, in an effort to give it a little re-start, I thought I'd share a week of running inspired posts since that seems to be one of the consistent things happening in my life right now.Next, I'll work on a week of sewing/craft/diy inspired posts, okay? I don't want to leave the non-runners out!Here's a few Miscellany Monday running tid-bits/updates:: Haus of Girls - Fit Family / Monthly Mile Challenges::Many of you know I've taken part in these monthly challenges since Marta started them just over a year ago. Last year I only made the goal a few times, but this year I'm doing really well. I ... Keep Reading

{Insta-Friday} on Monday …

In full disclosure, in the hub-bub-aloo of heading up to the most crazy fun weekend at Farm Chicks {ah-mazing time, just waiting for our ring leader, Kelly, to re-cap so I can just link to it ... bwahahaha ... not kidding}, I forgot to finish and publish my {Insta-Friday} post. So let me say, Goodbye Friday and Hello Monday! Here is what I meant to post:: Guys, I was SO spoiled this past weekend with love and treats for my birthday. Thank you for all your sweet wishes and thanks to God who has surrounded me with such an amazing support system. I am truly blessed!! It's really not at all about the presents for me {I know people say that and sure, I do LOVE getting presents} as  much ... Keep Reading

WIWW {Half-Marathon Style}

Well ... I know you guys are waiting with baited breath for my half-marathon re-cap and trust me, I am bursting to yackity-yack-yack about it ... BUT ... lest I bore you tears with all words, I'm waiting to get all the photos downloaded to add a little visual entertainment. In the meantime, I thought I'd do the half-marathon style of, What I Wore Wednesday {WIWW}:: Mother Nature was so kind and gave us a beautiful running morning in Portland. Overcast {but not raining}, cool {but not cold} and little to no wind. Perfect. Although it did mean starting with and planning for an extra layer or two before, during and after the race. Let's take a look:: Pre-Half with my awesome weekend ... Keep Reading


Whoop-whoop ... let's get the par-tay started!! I think I told you May was going to be packed full of nothing but wonderful, right? Mother's Day! Quilt Market!Half-Marathon! check.check.check. And get this ... that was just the start ... because TODAY marks {36} years since I joined the world. Ignoring that pesky number that keeps getting bigger ... {cos - am I the only one that thinks it's cool to be turning 36 on the 24th? I'm sure it's very significant!} A birthday on a Friday, second best to a Saturday. A birthday that kicks off a three day weekend, winning! A birthday that falls smack dab between an amazing trip to Portland, OR and a girl's weekend at The Farm Chicks, ... Keep Reading

Hello Monday {on Tuesday} …

Hello to an incredible long weekend away. It was FULL! We just got home yesterday from 5 days away ... so today feels like Monday. And it feels like I'm definitely in catch-up mode ... but, I'm making progress. Groceries are bought and laundry is washed.  However ... there is a little bit of celebrating that may get in the way of my heavy to-do list.  {photo credit: Leigh Anne for 30 Handmade Days} I'm saying hello to these Lemon Curd Bars from Leigh Anne on 30 Handmade Days. I've had them pinned for a long time and they seemed like the perfect dessert for a birthday/sewing date tomorrow. I'm saying hello to some sweet shopping that in a tiny way is helping to support our friends in ... Keep Reading