Indiesew Summer Collection // Hello Summer!!

Is anyone else out there excited to get summer started? We have a just a few more days of school to get through around here (less than 5 days!!) and then we are ready to relax, read, nap, swim, bike, play, nap, read, relax {repeat, repeat, repeat}. With this being our last summer of just my Little and I it's feeling even more precious than the last 5 {school-break} summers. I work hard to be intentional with these days together, balancing freedom from schedules with a little healthy structure. Our favorite thing about summer is being outside, are you with us? So I couldn't help but pick the Poolside Tote as one of my three pattern choices from the Indiesew Summer Collection. I knew ... Keep Reading

SSW / DIY Unisex Tee Hack

I recently ordered a super cute graphic tee {is that what you call them? Cute words ... a typography tee might be better ... DO NOT search for graphic tee} online. I was so excited to get it, until I got it and UGH ... the words "unisex" flashed through my mind and I understood just what they meant. The problem? I'm not unisex. I'm a girl. I do not have biceps the size of my husbands, nor do I have a barrel chest, but I do have hips (that don't lie). I really, really, really tried to love this shirt. But I couldn't. Until I had an 'ah-ha' moment. I couldn't return it {should have been clue #2, following the words "unisex"} so I figured I might as well try to hack it into a wearable ... Keep Reading

SSW {Con’td} / The {Mammoth} Linden Sweatshirt

Well I know that #selifishsewingweek is technically over, but ... rules are meant to be broken {okay, really I don't believe this, I'm a TOTAL rule follower in real life} + let's keep this party going! So today I'm featuring MY {Mammoth} Linden Sweatshirt. I say MINE because this is THE pattern to be stitching and EVERYONE has a #lindedsweatshirt. In fact, I bought fabric + the pattern many months ago {note to self - stop buying fabric & patterns when you don't have time to sew them!!}. The thing that made MY Linden happen in time for SSW was the fact that I was already sewing a sample Linden for RK. I originally planned {and bought} sweatshirt knit for my Linden, but when RK ... Keep Reading

SSW / Natalie Top {Indie Sew Feature}

I am thrilled to be guest posting on the Indie Sew blog today as part of Selfish Sewing Week {SSW}. Indie Sew is putting such a fresh and fun spin on what one might have traditionally thought of  when they heard 'handmade' clothing. It hasn't always had a good reputation, so it's great to see the garment making industry catching up to the modern approach we've seen in the quilting world the last 5+ years. I love the "Creations" feature at Indie Sew where you can see real versions of the pattern on real people. This makes such a difference for me! I picked the Natalie top for my feature post. Natalie Top / Liola Patterns c/o Indie Sew Robert Kaufman provided the fabric for the top ... Keep Reading

SSW / Aurora Borealis Tee

 I hate to play favorites, but I have to say that this is quite possibly my favorite handmade clothing item to date. It was one of those times when an inspiration online + a vision in my head + actual execution all came together to = near perfection. {Photo Credit:: Jamie Hudson Photo} Here's a little of the back story: On a whim at JoAnns I bought this sequin covered gray knit {in there 'designer name' section} because it was 50% off making it $5/yd. I bought 2 YDS and stashed it away. On a whim at Target I bought a gray waffle-knit tee for my Sweets because it was 75% making it less than $5. I brought it home and he reminded me he already had 2 other similar shirts. So I stashed it ... Keep Reading