The surprise of all surprises + the gift of all gifts

I don't even know how to begin to put it all into words. I don't even know that I fully understand the full breath of what I am feeling ... Have you ever waited on something for years and years and years? Wanted and hoped and dreamed and at then mourned and grieved what you thought would never be? Only to get that very thing that your heart and soul had longed for and given up on? It's a crazy amazing. That's what I keep saying about the complete surprise of coming home from a wonderful spring break to find out that after almost 11 years {123 months to be exact} I was pregnant. {Pause, Deep Breath} If you don't know my story with secondary infertility, you can read more about it in ... Keep Reading

Choose Joy! // The Event Re-Cap

I don't even know how to start this post. In fact, that's probably why it's taken me more than two weeks to even write this post. The night before I was supposed to leave, I laid in bed talking myself down from the start of a panic attack. The thoughts of flying, leaving my boys, traveling to a new place, staying in the home of someone I knew only online and speaking at an event I felt completely unqualified for. I started to talk perspective to myself thinking ... how people safely fly every day; that I am not in control of my boys, God is; new places hold new adventures; {how people travel overseas and sleep in hostels FOR PETE'S SAKE}; an online friend is just the sweet taste of the ... Keep Reading

{Tenderness Tuesday}

Hi guys. I'm back to share the last part of our story of infertility.This post will bring you up 'to date' with where our family stands today, but it's certainly not the end of our story and this is most definitely not the last of my posts on infertility. I'd like to think that in these last 8 years I've gained a bit of wisdom and insight and that is really what is on my heart and what I want to make sure comes through clearly.{Catch up on the story by reading Part 1 // Part 2}So I left off with our hopes of an IUI procedure crumbling before us. Hope is a funny thing in this process. You don't want to loose hope of one day becoming pregnant and having {in our case} another baby. Yet, you ... Keep Reading

{Tenderness Tuesday}

First, thank you SO much for all your sweet words of encouragement on last week's post as I started to share our story of infertility. It made my heart full and confirmed that this was the right decision.Second, I hope to not bore anyone by dragging things out ... but the truth is, it's hard to summarize eight years of heartache, frustration, pain, growing, patience and peace into 1 or 2 posts. In fact, it was this topic that I thought of writing about for the '31 days' challenge back in October. I knew however that the timing wasn't right, I didn't have the physical or emotional energy to pour into that kind of commitment AND I didn't want to force a post each day because I 'had to.' I ... Keep Reading

{Tenderness Tuesdays}

Okay, here goes nothing ...  Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm 35 and I'm {er, we're} infertile. {... Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. ~Neh. 8:10} Wait a minute? I just stole that line from Emmy? Yes, yes I did. Except, I did put my name in place of hers and we both happen to be 35 and well, I'm infertile. So I don't think she'll mind.Over the years I've alluded to my our struggle to conceive another child in posts on this blog. Some more direct than others, but never have I shared our story. I suppose there are two main reasons for that. One is that it's a very personal story and I wasn't sure that this blog, if any blog, was the place to share it. Two, I think that I was waiting ... Keep Reading