Modern Pillow Set {Tutorial}

Hello and Happy Friday! I know that things have been soooo quiet around here, but there has been a lot happening behind the scenes ... not just crafting a little human (who is due to arrive in less than 6 weeks!!), but sewing up all.the.samples for Robert Kaufman. I am so fortunate to get to work with this amazing company, doing something that brings me so much satisfaction. Do you know what is going on right now? Fall Quilt Market!! What better time to share a new tutorial/pattern I wrote based on designs and fabric by Emmie K. Her new line, Geo Pop Canvas 2, with Robert Kaufman is debuting at market and will be available for purchase late November. Emmie designed a great set of ... Keep Reading

Pink Ombre Quilt

My GREAT-Niece recently graduated to the sweetest big girl bed and I told her mama I would love to make a new quilt for her new bed. She sent me a few quilts that caught her eye and we settled on this pin. I knew it would be easy to complete {which means it would actually get done before she was ready to graduate High School} and I loved the sweet simplicity of it ... a classic quilt that could grow with her. Pink Ombre Quilt Inspired by: Wilder & Bean Coral Peach Ombre Baby Quilt Available for Purchase The only other special request was that I incorporate a couple of the colors from the baby quilt I made for my GREAT-Niece. The bottom solid color, Coral and the binding , Mint ... Keep Reading

SSW / DIY Unisex Tee Hack

I recently ordered a super cute graphic tee {is that what you call them? Cute words ... a typography tee might be better ... DO NOT search for graphic tee} online. I was so excited to get it, until I got it and UGH ... the words "unisex" flashed through my mind and I understood just what they meant. The problem? I'm not unisex. I'm a girl. I do not have biceps the size of my husbands, nor do I have a barrel chest, but I do have hips (that don't lie). I really, really, really tried to love this shirt. But I couldn't. Until I had an 'ah-ha' moment. I couldn't return it {should have been clue #2, following the words "unisex"} so I figured I might as well try to hack it into a wearable ... Keep Reading

2014 Tutorials {in review}

Well you know you've been away from your blog for a while when even you, the author and creator, feel awkward coming back around ... Hmmm. Let's skip over the how, what, why of that big {gulp} gap in time and spend a little time reminiscing about 2014 {I can still do that in January, right? So I've got a couple of days to bust out some 'in review' posts}. How about a review of the tutorials I created & shared in 2014:: "Wonky Wedge" Table Runner {featuring AccuQuilt's 9" wedge die} A Polka Dot Pouch {originally featured on The Polkadot Chair} "Ann Kelle" Baby Booties {free PDF pattern available here} "Popsicle Glee" Table Runner Tutorial Simple Quilted Blanket A ... Keep Reading

A Fox in My Pocket // DIY

Just like a fox, this tutorial is quick and clever and would make a lovely gift for a handmade holiday! Supplies Needed: Sweatshirt or Hoodie with pockets or kangaroo pocket Felt {Strawberry, Sliver & White used from Glitter & Glass collection c/o Benzie Design} Fox template // Silhouette (fox) design Freezer Paper Wonder Under Fusible Web Embroidery Thread Thread Step 1: Pre-shrink the felt. DO NOT skip this step. Felt shrinks when washed & dried. You want to do this BEFORE you stitch it to the sweatshirt. Read Benzie's "How to" post. Step 2: Depending on the size of your sweatshirt pocket opening, size your fox template / design file to fit the ... Keep Reading