Indiesew Winter Collection // Handmade Fashion

Guys! I am thrilled to share today's post with you ... it times perfectly with my capsule wardrobe introduction yesterday. Two of the 37 pieces I chose for my fall/winter {as you can see from these pictures, we skipped fall and headed straight for winter!} capsule were handmade by me from patterns featured in the Indiesew Winter Collection. The Indiesew Winter Collection contains five top-notch sewing patterns by some of the most respected indie designers around. Buy the Winter Collection bundle and save 15%. Josephine Top by Made By Rae A woven tunic or blouse with front pleats and three sleeve options. This woven top is perfect for layering under coats and blazers. View B // ... Keep Reading

WIWW // Handmade Fall Fashion Inspiration

Every now and then the stars align. Today I'm showing you how my 'work' sewing stars + blogging stars + 'new creative inspiration' stars aligned to bring you a post all about pulling together an amazing HANDMADE fall wardrobe. As I was sewing up samples for Robert Kaufman, I was optimistic that several of the pieces I was sewing would fit me and I'd know whether or not I would want to sew them for myself personally ... because, as you're about to see, the patterns + fabrics were pretty fabulous and perfect for fall. Hoping to do slightly better than my 'in the mirror' shots with my phone's camera, I enlisted the help of my 10 year old son ... so keep that in mind as you view these less ... Keep Reading

Friday Favorites // A little bit of all things happy right now …

I'd like to say that this will be a new weekly post ... BUT ... that would somehow imply that I kept an editorial calendar and posted regularly, eh-hem. So let's say I like the idea of this and hope to have it show up more than just this one time. Here goes ... a little bit of all things happy {of the tangible sort} going on right now in my life:: After FINALLY finishing The Book Thief  (also a brilliant book), I jumped right back into The Light Between Oceans and flew through it. Such a good book. Not the best timing (or was it) subject matter wise as I headed down to Choose Joy, but just another story to keep all thing in perspective. It's a heartbreaking and beautiful story of love ... Keep Reading

Hot-Hot-Hot Hot Chocolate Party

I've wanted to have a hot chocolate party for a couple of years now, but it wasn't until I saw this "pin" that I decided to not just think about it, but do it!! I tagged my favorite party planning team {my Seester, Jessica & Kelly} to see if they wanted to play along ... of course they did ... they are always up for a night of fun! {#vipfour Party Planners} We had two main thoughts/goals for this party: 1. Keep it simple. After all the planning and preparing and celebrating that comes with November & December, January can often feel like a bit of a let down (not to mention the horrible 'inversion' weather that locks us under gray skies for weeks on end). We didn't want another ... Keep Reading

Goals: January

Hello 2014! Hello you!! Thank you SO much for being patient with me as I took a little break from the blog to focus on all things to #prepareHimroom and celebrate this blessed time of year with family & friends. I felt like it took a little longer to 'get into the spirit' of Christmas this year and I think a huge part of that was the late timing of Thanksgiving. {I've already made several notes to myself in October & November 2014 reminding myself to get an earlier start.} However, once it did hit, I decided to throw off all things unnecessary or stress-inducing and just focus on preparing our hearts. Everything seemed to flow beautifully from that point. Of course, it was not ... Keep Reading