As I'm trying to wrap things up around the house before I head out for Quit Market and my first half marathon, I thought I'd do my May post on what ... I'm currently:: Watching:: Well after burning through Mad Men Season 5 on Netflix, I'm back to my weekly TV shows: Nashville & Grey's Anatomy {Parenthood I'm missing you!!} with a little Gossip Girl. A lot of nights I fall asleep to Cook's Country on PBS. Reading:: At a friend's recommendation, I just bought Fit to Burst. So far I love it as much as she said I would. So encouraging AND challenging!! A great read for mamas. For fiction, I'm going to start One Day, which I'd forgotten I'd bought (oops!). And a recommendation from ... Keep Reading

"I {LOVE} your bag" …

I can not tell you how many times I've heard "I love your bag" since I got my Kate Spade {Wellesley Rachelle in Sunshine} bag last May. At least once a week ... I often joke with my Sweets that I should make a little tally mark on the lining {of course I would never}. {She also tends to raise a little fuss when she shops up in my Instagram feed.} The funny thing is ... as much as I too love my bag ... the fuss and attention sometimes makes me blush. Because usually ... right after "I love your bag," comes "Where did you get it?" I almost feel embarrased when I say Kate Spade. Weird right? I buy the bag because it's a "Kate Spade" but then feel too flashy carrying around my Kate Spade?!? ... Keep Reading

The truth behind the magic mirror …

Hi friends!I meant/intended to post this yesterday, but got too wrapped up {ha, pun intended} in celebrating the Little's 9th birthday!! Seriously ... how did that happen. I am absolutely not okay with it, but no one seems to be asking me!So ... for some time now, I've had this 'discussion' swimming around in my head. It's popped up over and over which tells me it's something I need to share. I hope that you get something out of it ...I have a magic mirror.Some of you have seen it in my previous WIWW posts. Others might recognize it from my Instagram feed. And still some have NO idea what I'm talking about. Let me show you a few pictures of me and the magic mirror:: I joke that it takes 10 ... Keep Reading

{WIWW} Introducing Ike&Co

I love it when I stumble upon a great find.I love it even more when it's an affordable find. I love supporting it tons when it's a lovely person sharing their creative passion with the rest us. That's exactly what I found when Pioneer Woman {uhm yes, P-Dub sings her praises} mentioned the Etsy shop, IKE&CO. Loved at first site. So many great things. But really, it was after I got to know Angie {the designer behind IKE&CO} that I really wanted to share this wonderful shop with the rest of you! Here I am sporting my much loved IKE&CO necklace:: {Blouse & Shorts - Old Navy; Flips - Ann Taylor Loft; Necklace - Ike&Co} {Bracelet (gift from a great friend) - Fun Junk, Farm Chicks Antique ... Keep Reading

{WIWW} Family Edition

Happy Wednesday!I don't share a ton of 'family' photos on this blog of mine ... as, well, it's not really a 'family/lifestyle/mommy' blog. Except that my family IS my top priority, I am Mommy and well, I do have a life outside of the sewing room {some days}. So, today, I'm going to share our recent family photos.Because I love them. And none of us are in PJ's.Taken by the same wonderful photographer who did my portraits earlier this year.I promised my boys a 'quick' photo session and celebrating with Mud Pie at Red Robin if they cooperated. We picked one spot that gave a few different options which worked out perfectly. Our outfits were based around my outfit ;). I wanted to wear this skirt, ... Keep Reading